My dad was telling me about these girls at his old college who invented a nail polish that paints on clear, and if you stir your drink with your finger with the nail polish on, it will react with the “Date Rape” drug and turn red.

Dude. It’s genius.

I saw this before and didn’t reblog it because it didn’t have anything to say how but now that there is a link saying how I wil reblog it.

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Christianist Texas Republican Senator Dan Patrick accidentally praises gay marriage ruling 

so good
Did anyone notice…



Obama mentions his wife in his victory speech: “…The woman who agreed to marry me 20 years ago”

Romney mentions his wife in his concession speech: “… The woman I chose to marry”

It’s amazing how someone’s views on equality can come out in one simple sentence

still relevant

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i hate it when u stop being friends w someone or u break up w someone cos uve got all this information about them like at the back of ur mind like their birthday or their favorite game or whatever, and even years later things will come up and you’ll think about that person and its like. oh. and it never really Stops

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I can’t believe our water supply is in the hands of a c-lister

Someone got traded an you’re emo about it - a playlist
1. how am i supposed to live without you - michael bolton 2. i want you back - N*Sync 3. hard to say im sorry - chicago 4. stay with me - sam smith 5. if i let you go - westlife 6. nothing compares 2 u - sinead o’connor 7. incomplete - backstreet boys 8. without you - harry nilsson 9. no distance left to run - blur  10. against all odds - phil collins 11. right here waiting - richard marx 12. i won’t forget you - poison 


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he looks like an eggroll with legs, a muzzle, and a tail.

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Bigger, stronger, faster.